Apple Watch Pro Will Be Much Larger ‘One More Thing’ At Apple Event on September 7



Apple Watch Pro Will Be Much Larger

Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event is fast approaching on September 7, 2022, and like every year, tech enthusiasts across the globe are hyped. Now, apart from the iPhone 14 Series, we are going to see the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8 and if the rumors are indeed true, we might also get to see a new Apple Watch ‘Pro’ or whatever marketing-friendly name Apple might cook for it.

According to reports, the Apple Watch Pro is believed to be getting a 47mm casing that will be paired with a larger 1.9-2.0-inch display. Unlike the Apple Watch Series 7, which features a 45mm or 41mm casing, Apple Watch Pro might feature a much bigger form factor and a much larger display, with a squared off, flat design to make the watch more durable.

Bloomberg reports that compared with the standard Apple Watch, the ‘Pro’ or ‘extreme sports watch’ will be made from a more robust metal rather than aluminum, have a more shatter-resistant screen, and have a larger battery to empower athletes.


Performance is expected to see incremental gains with the new S8 processor, supposedly coming to all Apple Watches in 2022. The Apple Watch Series 7 uses the S7 chip, an incremental jump over the S6 chip in the Apple Watch Series 6, says Mark Gurman.

All in all, we can expect the new Pro watch to launch at a premium price and might be featured as the ‘one more thing’ that Apple is known for.

Apple Watch Series 8 and new Watch SE Could Be Iterative Updates

Ever since the Apple Watch Series 4 launched, we have seen iterative updates to the Apple Watch. It’s a formula Apple has carried over from its iPhones. Before the iPhone X, Apple launched new iPhones featuring the same design for over three generations. Now, you can expect the new Apple Watch Series 8 to do what the iPhone 8 did in 2017 – Offer a familiar design for people hesitant to jump to a new form factor. So, we may see the Apple Watch Series 8 launching with the same 41mm and 45mm sizes that the current generation Series 7 ships with. Remember that in this context, the ‘Pro’ watch is akin to the iPhone X here.

Alongside Series 8, we may also see an updated Watch SE with newer internals like the S8 chip and sensors that facilitate ECG and blood oxygen monitoring.


Will You Need New Bands For The Apple Watch Pro?

Despite early rumors suggesting that the new Apple Watch Pro might finally force you to buy new bands, the current sentiment in the online community is mixed. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that the new model will retain the support for the current line-up of bands, but may not look the best given the speculation surrounding the new design and form factor that the watch is supposedly going to come with.


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