June 15, 2024


About Us : It’s Not for EVERYONE, It’s Only 4 YOU
Innovation Connect Journal is a new kind of publication for a new kind of human. We Cover only the stories which MATTER to you. We Published a Story which is CONNECTED with you. We made this thing because we believe that the right story told in the right way can change someone’s life. But telling the right stories for right now and telling them in a way that’s meaningful and modern – isn’t going to happen by itself. We have to make it happen. Here we are connecting communities because their story Matter to Us.
Our foundational reason for the building I connect journal is that we’re really excited about putting something into the world that wasn’t there before. Our coverage focuses on three topics that are increasingly converging in strange and important ways: power (who has it, who wants it, and what do they do when they get it?), culture (the way we live and communicate), and the future (where we’re going next).
We’re not telling any of these stories just because there’s space to fill in your day. We’re telling them because we think there’s a whole other narrative happening in the world that’s unseen, underreported, or dismissed altogether.